Sticky Cards Season Pack

Sticky Cards Season Pack

Sticky Cards Season Pack


Set of 30 sticky cards for the BG-GAT trap with sticky surfaces on both sides.

After mosquitoes searching for a breeding site get caught in the BG-GAT trap, they try to escape via the transparent part of the trap and get stuck on the sticky card while trying to escape.
The integrated mesh prevents the laying of eggs in the infused water at the bottom of the trap.

The cards need to be replaced every two weeks or when either mosquitoes or dust matter has rendered them no longer sticky. They are constructed of safe and eco-friendly materials and adhesives.

Annual Subscriptions for Sticky Card Refills

•    You don’t have to remember to buy refills
•    You will have your product available when needed
•    Your traps’ performance will be kept consistently high
•    AND you save 20%
•    Last but not least: your discount is guaranteed for the whole subscription period

Depending on the length of your mosquito season and the number of traps you can choose the subscription model that best suits your needs:

Use our 12-month delivery subscription for shorter mosquito seasons – one season pack delivery every 12 months - this provides 3 packages which will last for a 6-month mosquito season.

Use our 6-month delivery subscription for longer mosquito seasons – one season pack delivery every 6 months – this provides 6 packages which will last for a 12-month mosquito season.

You have multiple traps? – Simply purchase multiple subscriptions!

The subscription option can be selected directly in the product via the price.

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