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Protect Your Backyard from Mosquitoes

The BG-Mosquitaire Bundle for $99 from June 23 - July 3, 2022!

Ever wondered about a green alternative to insecticide spraying which is not only more effective and sustainable but also cheaper? Save up to $560 (see table below). Learn more about Biogents mosquito traps - the green solution to your mosquito problem:

Why should you use mosquito traps instead of spraying?

mosquito traps are cost saving

Cost saving

Save money by avoiding regular treatments throughout the whole season. Save up to $560 (see table below).

non-toxic mosquito traps

Non toxic

No worries about any toxic ingredients. Not only safe for pets and children, but also for (beneficial) insects such as butterflies, ladybugs, or dragonflies.

insecticide-free mosquito traps

No insecticide resistance

Due to a recurring use of insecticides, mosquitoes can develop resistance, making the chemicals ineffective. Our traps do not need any insecticides to be effective.

Highly efficient traps 

Highly effective

Insecticides are only temporarily effective but our principle of function treats the mosquito problem sustainably and in the long term.

1. All about money

If you have a mosquito control company come in, you may feel an effect after the first application of insecticides, but it will wear off relatively quickly within three weeks. Spraying does not have an effect that lasts the whole season. This means that the mosquito service must be repeated approximately every three to four weeks. Even if you choose natural mosquito treatments you have to repeat them throughout the whole season. This in turn means high regular recurring costs due to the recurring service (see calculation example below).


2. Non-toxic and eco-friendly

In today's world, we are struggling with irretrievable insect mortality and lack of biodiversity. Regular spraying of insecticides further contributes to this problem. Insecticides act as poison for insects - no matter what insect it is. They kill bumblebees and bees as well. So if you use insecticides, the entire animal and plant world also suffers.

Other types of mosquito traps, on the other hand, often work with UV light, which also attracts and kills any insect.

All of this can be prevented by using our mosquito traps which only attract mosquitoes by using an attractant developed based on 16 years of mosquito research. Whereas other insects such as bees or butterflies are not attracted by the traps at all.

(Scroll further down to see the calculation example below the products)


3. No insecticide resistance

Insecticides act as poison for insects and seem to be a quick way to get rid of mosquitoes. But they develop resistance in the long term, leaving the chemicals used ineffective. This means you can spray as much as you want and the mosquitoes won't care.

In contrast, our mosquito traps do not use any insecticides or other chemicals, which also prevents mosquitoes from getting used to them. Therefore, the performance of our mosquito traps remains consistently high.


4. Use the products of the big players 

The U.S., German, and French military, numerous mosquito control districts, and public health organizations around the world, including WHO and CDC, use our traps. Why is that? Effective mosquito control is science.

Our unique trapping system was developed in over 16 years of research. Its efficacy has been confirmed in over 400 research papers by scientists and other experts throughout the world. Biogents traps are proven to be among the best ones on the market. Besides the functionality, color as well as size, design and the attractant play an important role. Once the mosquitoes have been lured by the attractants, they will be sucked into the trap where a catch bag awaits them.  

Take care of your potential breeding sites in addition 

Cover your rain barrels – standing water such as in rain barrels, flower pots or water cans are ideal breeding sites for mosquitoes. Therefore, they should be covered or regularly emptied. Additionally, you can treat them with a biological mosquito control agent BTI ("mosquito dunks" and similar products) which kills mosquito larvae. This agent can be applied to any standing water as a granular or liquid formulation and can be purchased online and at most garden and home improvement stores. 


Stop spraying - start trapping

Eco-friendly, easy to use, and highly effective, the mosquito control traps from Biogents are the solution to any mosquito swarm problem. Whether you need it for a commercial property or you simply want to keep your family safe from mosquito bites and diseases mosquitoes carry, our mosquito traps have one of the highest catch rates in the market and will get the job done. 

Well placed and continuously running near your hang out spot in the garden, a trap can be efficient even for large property areas. Here you can see a calculation example with one of our mosquito traps for a 6-month mosquito season:

 Mosquito ControlService Costs for SprayingMosquito Trap
Initial costs $199.00 (BG-Mosquitaire)
Monthly recurring costs$100
$6.67 (for BG-Sweetscent)*
Total costs for mosquito season
(1st year)
Total costs for mosquito season
(2nd year)
Cost savings 
(1st year)


Cost savings
(from the 2nd year)


*using the BG-Sweetscent season pack with automatic delivery by subscription
 **The power consumption is negligible. Our active traps are all low consumption. The BG-Mosquitaire trap needs only 5W to run.