6 x BG-GAT1 Double Set
bundle for neighborhoods

6 x BG-GAT1 Double Set <BR><small> bundle for neighborhoods</small>

6 x BG-GAT1 Double Set
bundle for neighborhoods

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  • The higher the coverage in a certain area with mosquito traps is, the higher the effect of the control will be. Join forces with your neighbors and profit double: save money while increasing the effectiveness of the traps. Our BG-GAT Neighborhood Set includes a total of 12 BG-GAT traps for an affordable price. Each neighbor can place two BG-GAT traps in their backyard to help reduce the mosquito population which increases the area being protected with traps and therefore increasing the effect. 

    The Biogents' BG-GAT (Gravid Aedes Trap) is a low-cost and easy to use tool that was especially developed to help you reduce the Asian tiger and yellow fever mosquito population in your backyard. These species are day biters, very aggressive, and can transmit diseases like dengue fever, Zika, and chikungunya.

    In comparison to the BG-Mosquitaire trap, the BG-GAT targets a different life stage of the mosquitoes: Gravid mosquitoes which are mosquitoes that have already bitten a host and are now searching for a place to lay their eggs. While it does not have as high of a catch rate compared to the more powerful BG-Mosquitaire, it has the advantage of targeting the mosquitoes in this particular life stage. Previously bloodfed mosquitoes that are targeted by the BG-GAT are important to remove from the population. Trapping these females can eliminate 50-100 offspring from the next generation and prevent the potential for disease transmission from virus infected mosquitoes.

    Another advantage of this trap version is that it is passive, which means it does not require power or supplemental attractants like CO2 or chemical lures. This provides great flexibility in deployment and ease in handling.

    The BG-GAT uses water and oviposition cues to attract female Asian tiger and yellow fever mosquitoes that are looking for a place to lay their eggs. It is therefore important to remove most other breeding sources that are competing with the BG-GAT. Once in the trap, the mosquitoes are collected on a sticky card and die.

    The BG-GAT trap was developed by Dr. Eiras from the Universidade Federal de Minas Geraisin Brazil, and Dr. Ritchie from the James Cook University in Australia. Biogents produces and distributes the trap under a license agreement with both universities.

    It is best to use the BG-GAT in combination with the BG-Mosquitaire.

  • 12 x trap: 12 x transparent chamber, 12 x black bucket, 12 x ring, 12 x barrier net, 12 x funnel
    6 x sticky card set: 10 cards per set

    Standing trap, made of robust plastic

    Weight: 1.3 lbs / 0.6 kg, dimension: 10.6 x 15.2 in / 27 x 38.5 cm
    No power supply needed

  • A humid, shady, and wind-protected location is very attractive to mosquitoes. Also, the black color of the BG-GAT attracts mosquitoes from some distance. Thus, the trap needs to be placed at a shady, humid place where it is readily visible but protected from wind and direct rain.


    For efficient and sustainable mosquito control it is necessary to avoid competition between the BG-GAT trap and other breeding sites. Therefore, remove or empty competing breeding sites, such as flower pots, vases, buckets, water barrels, rain gutters, discarded cups and bottles, and plants that hold small quantities of water.

    If the traps are positioned correctly and used continuously throughout the season, they will help to decrease the mosquito population in your backyard.

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