BG-Home Mosquito Trap Bundle
for indoor use

BG-Home Mosquito Trap Bundle<BR><small> for indoor use</small>

BG-Home Mosquito Trap Bundle
for indoor use

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  • Biogents’ mosquito trap bundle “BG-Home” is an indoor trap that specifically targets tiger mosquitoes and other flying pest insects in the house.

    The trap is especially attractive to the Asian tiger mosquito and the yellow fever (or dengue) mosquito. Both are not only annoying, but can also carry diseases like dengue fever, chikungunya, or Zika. They are found in subtropical and tropical regions worldwide. In addition, the Asian tiger mosquito occurs in much of the Mediterranean.

    Patented technology

    The combination of visual cues with an artificially generated airflow allows the trap to effectively imitate a human being and to attract the mosquitoes.

    A heated surface at the top of the trap provides an additional attractive stimulus. Last, but not least, the black color of the trap is also visually attractive to mosquitoes.

    Approaching mosquitoes are captured with the help of a fan and drawn into the base of the trap where they dehydrate.

    Other indoor insect pests can be attracted by the option to switch on UV lights. For mosquitoes alone, the UV light is not necessary.

    A transparent window allows you to monitor the catch and see when it is time to empty the trap.

    The trap design is internationally patented. The trap does not require carbon dioxide, propane, butane, or other flammable gases.

    The Biogents trap system - stronger together

    Biogents Trap System

    Biogents recommends to use the BG-Home in combination with the outdoor traps (BG-Mosquitaire and BG-GAT trap). Both outdoor traps complement each other in an ideal way since they target tiger mosquitoes of different stages.

    The complete Biogents trap system is available here >

    If you are mainly bothered by other than tiger mosquitoes, e.g., house or flood mosquitoes, we recommend to use outdoors exclusively the BG-Mosquitaire trap in combination with CO2 and the BG-Booster CO2.

  • Included in the bundle:
    Product 1: Trap with 5 V, 2 A power supply with 3 different attachable
    AC plugs (Type A, C, and G), 3 m cable, LED lights, manual in en, fr, it, es
    Product 2: 1 x BG-Sweetscent attractant

    Technical details:

    Weight: 2.7 lb

    Dimension: 19 x 19 x 30 cm

    Trap system: 5 V

    Power consumption: ~10 W

  • It is recommended to place the trap indoors near mosquito hiding places, such as plants or nearby where mosquitoes enter the house. Do not hide the trap, nor place it too high (not more than 1 m above the ground). It is best to test different locations!

    Enhance your mosquito control by eliminating breeding sites:

    Empty or completely cover rain barrels; remove old tires; empty plant saucers, buckets, and other water holding containers; keep rain gutters clear.

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