Expand your mosquito-free zone & join forces

To effectively control mosquito populations on a large scale, it is most effective to join forces with neighbors and work together to eliminate mosquito nuisances.

If you refer a friend or neighbor, you will profit both! And this is just one way to exclusive rewards.

Benefit twice:

1. Earn BG-Bucks to save on your next purchase

If you refer a friend or neighbor, you will earn 1000 BG Bucks good for $10 off your next purchase.*

They will receive a 10% discount on the purchase of a BG-Mosquitaire, a BG-Mosquitaire CO2, a BG-GAT Mosquito Trap set of 2, a BG-Home Mosquito Trap for indoor use, a 2+1 bundle, a Biogents Trap System, a 6 x BG-GAT Double Set bundle for neighborhoods, or a 6 x 2+1 Bundle for neighborhoods.


2. Expand your zone of control

When you spend a lot of time at home and in your backyard, it is even more important to care about protecting yourself from mosquitoes bites. Traps are a very good tool for your mosquito control.
Even more effect can be achieved when not only you but the whole community uses traps. This way, the zone of control can be expanded.

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Neighbors helping neighbors control public mosquito problems? Isn’t that the responsibility of governmental and public health authorities? Isn’t that a part of what we are paying them for? Well, the ultimate responsibility of urban mosquito control lies with the private individual themselves in eliminating and preventing mosquito breeding in the first place but this measure alone is not going to solve any public mosquito problem.

More and more studies are showing that getting the citizens involved is actually proving to be more effective in controlling urban populations of mosquitoes.

Neighborhood studies have shown that increasing the density of traps increases the level of control achieved.

So, what are you waiting for?

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