BG-Sentinel 2
full version US

BG-Sentinel 2<br><small> full version US</small>

BG-Sentinel 2
full version US

  • Biogents most reknown trap for researchers, the BG-Sentinel, was initially developed to enable researchers all over the world to monitor the vectors of dengue, chikungunya, Zika, and yellow fever (Aedes [StegomyiaaegyptiAe. [St.] albopictusAe. [St.] polynesiensis) and is now considered the gold standard for monitoring these species. It is the result of more than sixteen years of academic research into the host-finding behavior of mosquitoes. During its use on different continents it became evident that the BG-Sentinel also catches other mosquito species and blood-sucking insects. This is why the trap is now used by scientists, healthcare professionals, PCOs (Pest Control Operators), and private households worldwide.

    With the addition of carbon dioxide (CO2), the BG-Sentinel is an excellent surveillance tool for mosquitoes in general.

    The BG-Sentinel
    • is collapsible
    • light-weight and easy to transport
    • mimics convection currents created by a human body
    • employs attractive visual cues releases artificial skin emanations through a large surface area
    • can be used without CO2 to specifically capture selected mosquito species (e.g., Stegomyia spp and Culex quinquefasciatus)
    • is an excellent general mosquito trap when used with CO2. We offer now an optimized yeast kit for 24-hour CO2 production, the BG-CO2 Generator. Learn more about it >

    The trap is also large enough to incorporate additional attractants
    (for example animal hairs, worn clothing, small animals, food, light and heat sources) making it a very versatile tool for other researchers as well. Numerous independent scientific studies have been conducted with the BG-Sentinel all over the world, and it has been successfully proven in more than 300 publications > to be the most effective mosquito trap on the market.  

  • Contents
    Basic Version:
    • 1x pop-up body
    • 1x plastic cover
    • 1x intake funnel with shutter
    • 1x funnel net
    • 2x catch bag
    • 1x ventilator  (12 V DC, 3.6 W, Typ II)
    • 1x battery cable (Typ II) with connector
    • 1x carrier bag
    • 1x power supply unit (8 m cable, US version, output 12 V DC, Typ II)
    • 1x BG-Lure (human scent odor)

  • Downloads & Information
    Youtube video: How to set up and use the BG-Sentinel >
    Youtube video: How to set up and use the BG-Sentinel for tiger monitoring in an urban area >
    Video from the US Army: BG Sentinel 2 mosquito trap - assembly, placement, and operation >