BG-Mosquitaire CO2 Bundle
against all mosquito species

BG-Mosquitaire CO2 Bundle <BR><small>against all mosquito species</small>

BG-Mosquitaire CO2 Bundle
against all mosquito species

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  • The BG-Mosquitaire CO2 US is an excellent trap for all mosquito species and other flying blood-feeding insects. The sturdy plastic trap is designed to be placed on the ground. It uses the same patented capture technology of all Biogents traps with the additional use of pure CO2, which is an attractive key element of human respiration and the most important attractant for blood-feeding insects.

    Carbon dioxide (CO2):
    CO2 is the most important attractant for the majority of blood-sucking insects. The gas is present in the breath of humans and animals. It is only present in minimal amounts of around 0.04% in the air. Human breath contains about 4%, and an adult human emits approximately one kilogram of carbon dioxide per day.
    Please note: The CO2 cylinder is NOT included!
    Biogents suggests CO2 from 10 kg bottles which are also used in pubs and restaurants. Such a bottle lasts for three to seven weeks depending on the flow rate used. The flow rate can be adjusted to the local situation. We recommend a consumption of about 0.5 kg/day. CO2 bottles are available at gas stores and gastronomy suppliers.
    We also recommend to purchase the BG-CO2 Timer in order to reduce the CO2 consumption.
    More information on CO2 can be found here.

    The trap has been designed to simulate a human being. It features a patented combination of attractive visual signals and a specially designed mix of artificial skin emanations ("BG Sweetscent" - effective for two months) that are released into the environment through an air plume that mimics convection currents created by a human body. 

    The BG-Mosquitaire CO2 attracts the mosquitoes and captures them with the help of a ventilator before they can reach the patio to bite you. If the trap is correctly positioned and runs continuously throughout the season, it will effectively decrease the mosquito population, and you can enjoy your patio again.

    For an effective mosquito control, please keep in mind that it is very important to remove/empty breeding sources on your property. More information on how to control mosquitoes can be found here:

    Recommendation: BG-Home

    Of course mosquitoes are not only found outdoors they also enter the house. In this case, the BG-Home indoor trap can help: It captures tiger mosquitoes and other flying pest insects inside the house.

  • The BG-Mosquitaire CO2 comes as a bundle of three products with everything you need to begin catching mosquitoes (except the CO2 tank):
    1) The BG-Mosquitaire trap, 2 catch bags, 1 funnel net, 1 power supply US unit (1 m cable; NEMA 1, AKA Type A, 12 V), 1 extension cord (10 m)
    2) The mosquito attractant BG-Sweetscent (lasts for up to two months)
    3) The BG-Booster CO2: 1x CO2 tube (5 m), 1x Biogents CO2 emitter nozzle, and 1x pressure reducing regulator with pressure gauge. 
    The pressure reducing regulator follows the technical standards valid in the United States of America and has the connection thread CGA320.

    Please note: The gas bottle is not included in the contents. The bottle can be acquired or rented at drink retailers or bottle depots for a deposit.

    Note for the set-up of the pressure regulator onto the CO2 cylinder:
    Please make sure that you attach the small white sealing ring of the pressure reducing regulator for the CO2 cylinder before screwing it onto the cylinder.
    Otherwise, the CO2 can escape unhindered within a very short time.
    The sealing ring is located on a small hook directly on the pressure regulator.

    Outdoor power supply specification:
    AC Plug: NEMA 1 (=Type A) 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
    DC plug: Biogents waterproof type II, 12 V DC
    IP grade 68, outdoor suited

  • The placement of the BG-Mosquitaire CO2 is an important factor to ensure high catch rates. Therefore, it is best to test different locations!

    The trap should be placed near resting sites and breeding areas of the mosquitoes:
    - in shady, wind-protected places with high humidity, e.g., in sparse shrubs
    - near rain barrels, buckets, discarded tires, natural tree and rock holes, flower pots, standing flower vases, plant saucers, or similar containers
    - do not place the trap too close to the terrace/patio and not in direct sunlight!

    To reduce the mosquito population, it is important to start trapping early in the season. The trap should run continuously throughout the season to achieve best results.

    To maximize the control effect, discard or empty all water holding containers.

    Here you can find further information on the placement of the traps.

  • Videos

    YouTube video about the assembly of the BG-Mosquitaire CO2 >

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    YouTube video about checking the CO2 release rate >

    Manuals and flyers
    pdf Manual for the BG-Mosquitaire CO2 trap >
    pdf More information on positioning the trap >

    Further information can be found on our webpage

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