2+1 Outdoor Bundle
against tiger mosquitoes

2+1 Outdoor Bundle<br><small> against tiger mosquitoes</small>

2+1 Outdoor Bundle
against tiger mosquitoes

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  • The addition of the low-cost, passive BG-GAT trap to the highly effective BG-Mosquitaire suction trap adds another dimension to your control effort: While the BG-Mosquitaire targets tiger mosquitoes that are seeking a bloodmeal-host, the BG-GAT targets tiger mosquitoes that are looking for a place to lay their eggs. Each egg laying female that is trapped can eliminate 50-100 offspring from the next generation and prevent the potential for disease transmission from virus infected mosquitoes. Therefore, the use of two BG-GATs in combination with one high-catch-rate BG-Mosquitaire is the ideal solution for your backyard tiger mosquito control.
    Bothered also by other mosquitoes than tiger mosquitoes? See BG-Booster (CO2 upgrade set) to catch all mosquito species >>
    For an effective mosquito control, please keep in mind that it is very important to remove/empty breeding sources on your property.


    - low cost
    - easy to set up and use
    - no power supply and attractant required
    - targets tiger mosquitoes that are seeking a place to lay their eggs
    - lower catch rates than the BG-Mosquitaire

    - high catch rates
    - robust
    - easy to set up
    - power supply required
    - targets tiger mosquitoes that are seeking a bloodmeal-host

  • Included in the bundle:
    Product 1:
    2 x BG-GAT trap + 1 x sticky card set (10 cards per set):

    2 x transparent chamber, 2 x black bucket, 2 x ring, 2 x barrier net, 2 x funnel, 
    1 x sticky card set with 10 sticky cards

    Product 2:
    1 x BG-Mosquitaire trap:
    1 x BG-Mosquitaire trap, 2 x catch bag, 1 x funnel net, 1 x power supply US unit (1 m cable; NEMA 1, AKA Type A, 12 V), 1 x extension cord (10 m)

    Product 3:
    1 x BG-Sweetscent attractant

    Outdoor power supply specification:
    AC Plug: NEMA 1 (=Type A) 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
    DC plug: Biogents waterproof type II, 12 V DC
    IP grade 68, outdoor suited

  • Placement
    Placement of the traps is very important. A humid, shady, and wind-protected location is very attractive to mosquitoes. Also, the visiual cues of the traps attract mosquitoes from some distance. Thus, the traps need to be placed in a shady, humid place where it is readily visible, but protected from wind and direct rain. There should be a minimum of 12 inches between the top of the trap and any overhanging vegetation.

    For efficient and sustainable mosquito control it is necessary to avoid competition between the BG-GAT trap and other breeding sites. Therefore, remove or empty competing breeding sites, such as flower pots, vases, buckets, water barrels, rain gutters, discarded cups and bottles, and plants that hold small quantities of water.

    If the traps are positioned correctly and used continuously throughout the season, they will help to decrease the mosquito population in your backyard.