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Why Use Mosquito Attractants?
Most mosquito traps on the market use light and heat to bait mosquitoes into a trap but this attracts other insects as well. In respect of the major problem of insect mortality, we want to prevent this by using specific mosquito attractants instead of relying on light and heat. With our patented and highly specific mosquito attractants used in your mosquito trap, you can benefit from the following:

1. Capture more mosquitoes
Scientific studies show that using BG-Sweetscent in not only Biogents traps but also in a variety of other commercially available mosquito traps can increase catch rates of mosquitoes that transmit diseases like dengue, Zika or chikungunya by up to 4 fold. BG-Sweetscent is the first attractant targeting Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus that has been scientifically proven to work with many different traps.

2. Avoid using toxic chemicals
One of the best things about using the attractant BG-Sweetscent is the elimination of chemical use. It’s free of toxic substances that harm people and the environment and is effective enough that you won’t need to supplement your mosquito trap with toxic substances. If positioned in the right way the mosquitoes will be caught before they reach you and you won’t need to apply spray repellents. Take advantage of these benefits when you shop for the BG-Sweetscent mosquito attractant today.

Attract Disease-Carrying Mosquito Species
BG-Sweetscent, Biogents unique and patented mosquito attractant, targets host-seeking female mosquitoes. Specifically, BG-Sweetscent attracts Asian tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus) and yellow fever mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti).
Mosquitoes like the Asian tiger and yellow fever species are attracted to certain scents humans emit. On the one hand, the carbon dioxide of the human breath leads mosquitoes to the human hosts. On the other hand, certain components of the scents human skin emits, including lactic acid, attract especially Asian tiger mosquitoes and yellow fever mosquitoes. 
As such, Biogents developed a mosquito attractant that mimics these human skin scents. BG-Sweetscent is a lactic acid-based formula with other food grade quality components meant to be used inside your mosquito trap and bait Asian tiger mosquitoes and yellow fever mosquitoes. 

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How the BG-Sweetscent Mosquito Attractant Works
The BG-Sweetscent mosquito attractant was developed through extensive laboratory testing and is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. It has been scientifically proven to increase catch rates for the Aedes species of mosquitoes, such as the Asian tiger and yellow fever mosquitoes. BG-Sweetscent manages to bait these species through the use of a lactic acid-based formula that mimics human skin scent which attracts mosquitoes.
When you buy the Biogents mosquito trap, it comes with a pouch of BG-Sweetscent mosquito attractant. This pouch is placed inside the trap’s body where the scent can waft through a funnel and attract mosquitoes. Once mosquitoes detect the scent, they will follow it through the funnel where they will be caught within a net and catch bag. A pouch of BG-Sweetscent mosquito attractant can last for up to 2 months. After this period, you can shop for a new pack of mosquito attractants and continue baiting and getting rid of disease-carrying mosquitoes in your property.


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