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Save 20% by subscribing for refills


Depending on the length of your mosquito season and the number of traps you can choose the refill subscription model that best suits your needs:

Use our 12-month delivery subscription for shorter mosquito seasons –
this provides once a year 3 refills which will cover a 6-month mosquito season.

Use our 6-month delivery subscription for longer mosquito seasons –
this provides every 6 months 3 refills which will cover a 12-month mosquito season.

Subscribe now for BG-Sweetscent & Sticky cards & learn why they are so important for the traps’ success.

The subscription option can be selected directly in the product via the price.


What You’ll Get
Never run out of BG-Sweetscent mosquito attractant when you have a Biogents refill subscription!

Available in a 12-month or 6-month variant, your home can remain protected all mosquito season-long or throughout the whole year with our mosquito attractant refills! Simply adjust your delivery subscription to the respective mosquito seasons of your region. 

In the 6-month delivery subscription, you get each half year 3x packs of BG-Sweetscent refills, which will keep you protected year-round. 

The 12-month delivery subscription, meanwhile, will last you through a half-year mosquito season! 

Each single pack of Biogents mosquito attractant refill BG-Sweetscent can last up to two months, luring disease-carrying mosquitoes into your Biogents mosquito trap. 

You can also get a season pack of Biogents sticky cards, perfect for your BG-GAT mosquito trap. 

Save 20% on these Biogents products when you subscribe today.