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BG-Booster CO2 Upgrade Set

for BG-Mosquitaire


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BG-Booster CO2 Upgrade Set
BG-Booster CO2 Upgrade Set
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CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is a component of our breath and helps mosquitoes find us in their search for a blood meal from a relatively long distance. Using CO2 as an additional attractant makes our mosquito trap BG-Mosquitaire irresistible for all mosquito species.

With the BG-Booster CO2 upgrade set, CO2 is optimally dispersed and the release rate can be adjusted to the local and seasonal mosquito situation. The CO2 tank must be sourced separately. Here you can find more information on why you should use CO2.

  • 1x CO2 pipe (5m)
  • 1x CO2 emitter nozzle
  • 1x special pressure reducing regulator for CO2 bottles with pressure gauge. The colour of the pressure reducing regulator may vary.

The gas bottle is not included in the contents. In order to supply the trap with the CO2 attractant, a commercially available CO2 gas cylinder with six or more kilograms is required. More information here.

Technical Data

BG-Booster CO2 set:
Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm x 10cm
Weight: 0.75kg

Pressure reducing regulator:
The pressure reducing regulator follows the technical standards valid in the United States of America and has the connection thread CGA320.

Note for the set-up of the pressure regulator onto the CO2 cylinder:
Please make sure that you attach the small white sealing ring of the pressure reducing regulator for the CO2 cylinder before screwing it onto the cylinder.
Otherwise, the CO2 can escape unhindered within a very short time.
The sealing ring is located on a small hook directly on the pressure regulator.

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The gas bottles are not included in the contents. For our CO2 traps, we recommend using a 10 kg gas cylinder. However, you could also use 5, 6, 10, or 20 kg if you prefer. How long the tank will last, depends on how many hours per day CO2 is released, which depends on the local mosquito activity through the day. If CO2 is released 24 hours with our recommended release rate of 0.5 kg/day, the CO2 tank will last 20 days.

The gas bottles can be acquired or rented at drink retailers or bottle depots for a deposit. A door-to-door delivery service may also be possible in some locations. You can find more information here.

The following sites offer competitive renting prices:

Air Gas has over 900 locations throughout the US.

Other CO2 suppliers are mostly regional, Welding and Brewing suppliers.


Recommendation: BG-Booster CO2

If you are mainly bothered by other than tiger mosquitoes, e.g. house or flood water mosquitoes, we recommend to use the BG-Mosquitaire outdoor trap in combination with CO2 using the BG-Booster CO2

Catch them all!

CO2 boosts your trap’s catch rates for all mosquito species for maximum catch rates

The combination of the BG-Sweetscent and CO2 increases the catch rates of tiger mosquitoes even further

Benefit from the world’s latest technology for mosquito control

Used by organizations such as

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