Biogents Trap System
against tiger mosquitoes

Biogents Trap System <br><small> against tiger mosquitoes</small>

Biogents Trap System
against tiger mosquitoes

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  • Comprehensive protection against tiger mosquitoes - outdoors and indoors

    The best results are achieved when Biogents’ traps work together. The perfectly tuned teamwork of Biogents Trap System guarantees the highest level of success outdoors and indoors.

    Outdoors: BG-Mosquitaire + BG-GAT

    The addition of the passive BG-GAT trap to the highly effective BG-Mosquitaire suction trap adds another dimension to your control effort of tiger mosquitoes (Asian tiger mosquito and yellow fever mosquito) outdoors. Tiger mosquitoes are predominantly found in subtropical and tropical countries. The Asian tiger mosquito also occurs in much of the Mediterranean:

    While the BG-Mosquitaire targets tiger mosquitoes that are seeking a bloodmeal-host and want to bite you, the BG-GAT targets tiger mosquitoes that are looking for a place to lay their eggs. Each egg laying female that is trapped can eliminate 50-100 offspring from the next generation and prevent the potential for disease transmission from virus infected mosquitoes. 

    With these two strategies, you can reduce biting pressure as well as the next generation of tiger mosquitoes.

    Indoors: BG-Home

    During a mosquito plague, mosquitoes also enter the house. In this case, the BG-Home indoor trap can help: it captures tiger mosquitoes and other flying pest insects inside the house.









    Tiger mosquitoes

    Searching for a bloodmeal-host

    Searching for a place to lay their eggs

    Searching for a bloodmeal-host

    Trap’s goal

    To reduce biting

    To reduce reproduction

    To reduce biting









    Catch rates




    Single price





    * Since generally there are less mosquitoes indoors than outdoors, indoors are also less mosquitoes captured.

    Recommendation: BG-Booster CO2

    If you are mainly bothered by other than tiger mosquitoes, e.g., house or flood mosquitoes, we recommend to use outdoors exclusively the BG-Mosquitaire trap in combination with CO2 and the BG-Booster CO2.

  • 2x BG-GAT trap: 

    • 2x barrier net
    • 2x funnel
    • 2x transparent chamber
    • 2x black bucket
    • 2x ring
    • 1x sticky card set (package of 10 pieces)

    1 x BG-Mosquitaire trap bundle:

    • 1x BG-Mosquitaire trap,
    • 2x catch bags,
    • 1x funnel net,
    • 1x power supply US unit (1m cable; NEMA 1, AKA Type A, 12V),
    • 1x extension cord (10m)
    • 1 x BG-Sweetscent (lasts for up to 2 months)

    1 x BG-Home trap bundle:

    • 1 x trap with 5V 2A power supply unit (3m cable),
    • 1 x LED lights,
    • 1 x BG-Sweetscent (lasts for up to 2 months)

    Technical details:

    Dimensions of the trap: 12 x 14.6 in / 30 x 37 cm
    Weight: 4.9 Ibs / 2.2 kg

      Outdoor power supply specification:
      AC Plug: NEMA 1 (=Type A) 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
      DC plug: Biogents waterproof type II, 12V DC
      IP grade 68, outdoor suited

      Please note: The Type A plug of this power supply unit is the common plug which fits to usual AC grid plugs in US, Canada, Japan, and Central America.


      • Standing trap, made of robust plastic
      • Weight: 1.3 lbs / 0.6 kg
      • dimension: 10.6 x 15.2 in / 27 x 38.5 cm
      • No power supply needed


      • Weight: 1.8 lbs / 8 kg
      • Dimension: 7.5 x 7.5 x 11.8 in / 19 x 19 x 30 cm
      • Trap system: 5V
      • Power consumption: 10W

      Power supply:

      5V, 2A power supply with 3 different attachable AC plugs (Type A, C, and G)

      Please note: The Type A plug of this power supply unit is the common plug which fits to usual AC grid plugs in US, Canada, Japan, and Central America. Type C fits in the EU, Type G in the UK.

    • BG-Mosquitaire und BG-GAT:

      The traps should be placed outdoors in the garden. Place the traps on the ground near resting sites of the mosquitoes, e.g., in shady, wind-protected places with high humidity such as in sparse shrubs.

      Do not place the traps directly on the terrace/patio and not in direct sunlight.

      The BG-Mosquitaire is rainproof. However, if the trap is exposed to heavy rainfall there are negative effects that might decrease the catch rate, even though heavy rainfall does not damage the trap: Mosquitoes avoid heavy rain and prefer sheltered positions. In sheltered positions the catch rate can be therefore higher. Heavy rain might also disrupt the airflow by clogging the pores of the cover.

      The placement of the mosquito trap is an important factor to ensure high catch rates.

      Therefore, it is best to test different locations! More information about the optimal placement >


      BG-Home: It is recommended to place the trap indoors near mosquito hiding places, such as plants or nearby where mosquitoes enter the house. Do not hide the trap, nor place it too high (not more than 1 m above the ground). It is best to test different locations!

      Enhance your mosquito control by eliminating breeding sites:

      Empty or completely cover rain barrels; remove old tires; empty plant saucers, buckets, and other water holding containers; keep rain gutters clear.

    • Videos

      YouTube video about the BG-GAT >

      YouTube video about the BG-Home >

      YouTube video about the assembly of the BG-Mosquitaire >

      Youtube video about the set-up of the suction funnel of the BG-Mosquitaire >

      Manuals and flyers
      PDF General flyer about tiger mosquito biology and control measures (English) >
      Manual for the BG-Mosquitaire trap (English) >
      Manual for the BG-GAT trap against tiger mosquitoes (English, Spanish) >
      Manual for the BG-Home indoor trap (EN, IT, FR, ES) >
      More information on positioning the trap (English)>

      Further information can be found on our webpage

      More information on the BG-Mosquitaire >
      Information on positioning the trap >
      Information on scientific proof >
      More information on the BG-GAT >
      Information on controlling container breeding mosquitoes >
      Information on the yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti) >
      Information on the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) >

      Scientific studies with our traps

      PDF: Selected studies showing the control effect of Biogents traps (en) >
      Webpage: More about Biogents scientific basis and publications (en) >

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