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Mosquito Traps and Accessories for your Mosquito Control

Biogents Products for your Mosquito Protection


Here you can find all mosquito traps, mosquito attractants as well as accessories from Biogents. Do you have more questions? Take a look at our FAQs or contact us - we will be happy to help you!

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BG-Mosquitaire Outdoor Mosquito Trap Bundle Double Set

against tiger mosquitoes for medium size gardens

BG-Mosquitaire Outdoor Mosquito Trap Bundle Triple Set

against tiger mosquitoes for large size gardens

BG-Mosquitaire CO2 Outdoor Mosquito Trap Bundle Double Set

against all mosquitoes for medium size gardens

BG-Mosquitaire CO2 Outdoor Mosquito Trap Bundle Triple Set

against all mosquitoes for large size gardens

BG-GAT2 Outdoor Tiger Mosquito Traps Bundles (2x)

stops reproduction of tiger mosquitoes

BG-Home Indoor Mosquito Trap Bundle

against mosquitoes and other pesky flying insects
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Protect your Property from Mosquitoes

Easy to use, and highly effective, the mosquito control traps from Biogents are the solution to any mosquito swarm problem. Whether you need it for a commercial property or for your private property to help prevent mosquito bites and the transmission of diseases mosquitoes may carry, our mosquito traps have high catch rates and will get the job done.

Biogents offers several different types of mosquito traps. And while all of these are highly effective in controlling mosquito populations, there are different models based on your specific needs. We sell yellow fever and Asian tiger mosquito traps which target biting mosquitoes as well as gravid Aedes traps which target breeding mosquitoes and function as a low-cost mosquito trap that can complement the mosquito control while preventing hundreds of offspring.

The BG-Mosquitaire is a powerful trap that lures in all types of mosquitoes (with CO2) including Asian tiger mosquitoes and yellow fever mosquitoes (without CO2). The BG-Home model is designed for indoors. And the BG-GAT is designed to reduce the reproduction of Asian tiger mosquitoes and yellow fever mosquitoes outdoors by imitating a breeding site. Shop Biogents products now and see for yourself!

What Makes Biogents Products Different?

  • Highly effective: Biogents AG produces robust, efficient and specific traps against tiger mosquitoes. They are not only used worldwide by professionals, healthcare experts, researchers and private customers but also mentioned in more than 400 scientific publications. Biogents is one of the leading mosquito trap manufacturers. The attractant BG-Sweetscent increases mosquito traps' attractiveness for the dangerous tiger mosquitoes even further. It is a lactic acid based mosquito attractant that mimics human skin scent to lure biting mosquitoes (especially the Asian tiger mosquitoes and yellow fever mosquitoes). The addition of CO2 as an additional mosquito attractant also makes the traps very attractive for all other mosquito species.
  • Robust: The mosquito traps and Biogents mosquito attractants (BG-Sweetscent) are proven of robustness and high quality regardless of the environmental conditions. Safe, watertight cable connections.
  • Energy-efficient: using only $2 worth of electricity for the entire mosquito season (May to September)*

* Computed at the average electricity cost in the US of 12 cents per kilowatt-hour. Mosquito seasons can vary depending on region and climate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many mosquitoes can a trap catch?

The number of mosquitoes you can trap depends on the season, the mosquito species, weather and other environmental factors as well as the positioning of the traps. During the summer months mosquitoes are most active and if there are flood water mosquitoes, you can catch thousands of mosquitoes in one day with a well-placed Biogents CO2 mosquito trap after heavy rainfall.

Where is the mosquito trap best placed?

Mosquito traps are best placed in shady, humid and windless areas since these are the places where mosquitoes tend to rest over the day. You can experiment by starting with placing the trap under bushes or the trees in your yard. This means you can bait and trap mosquitoes before they have the chance to reach the patio and bite you. You may have to try several different locations to achieve the best success. A few meters can cause a huge difference in the attractiveness. In general, the catch rate will depend on many factors, including the size of the mosquito population, availability of breeding sites, amount of vegetation suitable for resting sites, and migration into and from surrounding properties. Try to observe where your mosquitoes are coming from (where their resting places are) and put your traps close there.

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