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BG-Mosquitaire CO2 Outdoor Mosquito Trap Bundle Triple Set

against all mosquitoes for large size gardens


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BG-Mosquitaire CO2 Outdoor Mosquito Trap Bundle Triple Set
BG-Mosquitaire CO2 Outdoor Mosquito Trap Bundle Triple Set
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GET THE BEST PERFORMING MOSQUITO TRAP AND CATCH ALL SPECIES OF MOSQUITOES. This mosquito trap triple set is suitable for large yards.

The BG-Mosquitaire CO2 mosquito trap shows the highest trapping performance in controlling all kinds of mosquitoes and other flying blood-sucking insects for which CO2 is the most important attractant. The additional attractant CO2 enhances the trapping effect and makes the BG-Mosquitaire CO2 irresistible for all mosquito species. This robust trap works completely without spraying and zapping and is designed to be placed in your garden to protect you from mosquito bites. This electric mosquito trap is used worldwide for mosquito control.
The trap has a very low power consumption of 5 watts.
The CO2 tank must be sourced separately.


Included in the bundle (note: CO2 bottle must be sourced separately):
Product #1: BG-Mosquitaire CO2 traps

  • 3x BG-Mosquitaire mosquito traps
  • 6x catch bags
  • 3x funnel nets
  • 3x outdoor power supply units (1 m cable; NEMA 1, AKA Type A, 12 V)
  • 3x extension cords (10 m)

Product #2: BG-Booster CO2 Sets

  • 3x CO2 tubes (5 m)
  • 3x Biogents CO2 emitter nozzles
  • 3x pressure reducing regulators with pressure gauge

The pressure reducing regulator follows the technical standards valid in the United States of America and has the connection thread CGA320.

Product #3: BG-Sweetscents

  • 3x BG-Sweetscent mosquito attractant sachets (each sachet lasts for up to 2 months)

Please note: The gas bottle is not included in the contents. The bottle can be acquired or rented at drink retailers or bottle depots for a deposit. More information here.

Technical Data

Dimensions: 30cm x 37cm
Weight: 2.2kg

Note for the set-up of the pressure regulator onto the CO2 cylinder:
Please make sure that you attach the small white sealing ring of the pressure reducing regulator for the CO2 cylinder before screwing it onto the cylinder.
Otherwise, the CO2 can escape unhindered within a very short time.
The sealing ring is located on a small hook directly on the pressure regulator.

Outdoor power supply specification:
AC Plug: NEMA 1 (=Type A) 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
DC plug: Biogents waterproof type II, 12 V DC
IP grade 68, outdoor suited



In order to get the highest catch rates, test different locations.

The BG-Mosquitaire CO2 mosquito trap is to be used outdoors in the garden. Place the trap on the ground near resting areas of the mosquitoes, e.g., in shady, wind-protected places with high humidity such as in sparse shrubs. However, the trap should not be too hidden, but still visible. Do not place the trap directly on the terrace/patio and not in direct sunlight.

Enhance your mosquito control with the BG-Mosquitaire CO2 by eliminating breeding sites: Empty or completely cover rain barrels; remove old tires; empty plant saucers, buckets, and other water holding containers; keep rain gutters clear.

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The gas bottles are not included in the contents. For our CO2 traps, we recommend using a 10 kg gas cylinder. However, you could also use 5, 6, 10, or 20 kg if you prefer. How long the tank will last, depends on how many hours per day CO2 is released, which depends on the local mosquito activity through the day. If CO2 is released 24 hours with our recommended release rate of 0.5 kg/day, the CO2 tank will last 20 days.

The gas bottles can be acquired or rented at drink retailers or bottle depots for a deposit. A door-to-door delivery service may also be possible in some locations. More information here.

The following sites offer competitive renting prices:

Air Gas has over 900 locations throughout the US.

Other CO2 suppliers are mostly regional, Welding and Brewing suppliers.


How does the trap attract mosquitoes?

High catch rates thanks to scientific approach

Our unique capture method

All Biogents suction traps have one thing in common: the patented counterflow principle

Nature is important to us!

Biogents traps are developed to have the least impact on nature and the environment as possible


Benefit from the world’s latest technology for mosquito control

Used by organizations such as

Your trust, our delight

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